GTF February/March 2017

Aircraft Finance Outlook

Review of Aircraft Operating Leases

Securitising Mid-Life Aircraft

Financing for Regional Jets

Ad Booking Deadline: February 28th

Ad Copy Materials Deadline: March 6th

GTF April/May 2017

Aircraft Capital Markets Outlook

Focus on French Banks

Rail Finance Outlook

Shipping Law

Ad Booking Deadline: April 28th

Ad Copy Materials Deadline: May 5th

GTF June/July 2017

Sale & Leaseback Market

New Entrants to Aircraft Leasing

Transport Infrastructure Finance

Aviation Law

Ad Booking Deadline: June 23rd

Ad Copy Materials Deadline: June 30th

GTF August/September 2017

Focus on Japanese Operating Leases

Chinese Airline Finance

Tanker Sector Review

Shipping Finance Outlook

Ad Booking Deadline: August 21st

Ad Copy Materials Deadline: August 28th

GTF October/November 2017

Focus on U.S. Banks

Middle East Airline Finance

Private Equity into Transport

Financing for Freighter Aircraft

Ad Booking Deadline: October 20th

Ad Copy Materials Deadline: October 27th

GTF December/January 2018

Annual GTF Awards Results & Photos / Yearbook Issue

Focus on German Banks

Aero Engine Leasing

Islamic Finance

Ad Booking Deadline: January 14th

Ad Copy Materials Deadline: January 21st