Banner advertising rates on the GTF website start from as little as: £2,000 GBP per month for a typical horizontal banner advertisement space. We also offer vertical skyscraper banner ads at only: £2,000 GBP per month. Online banner advertising can really enhance your media campaigns if you already do print advertising, plus we use a specialist monitoring company to track click-through rates and analyse open rate activity.

  •  Typical horizontal banner advertisement size is:  Pixels 920 (wide) by 100 Pixels (high)
  • Gif for animated banner advertisements, or JPEG if static – Both web optimised in RGB format.

In addition to the regular printed version, GTF is also produced in full e-book (e-reader) digital format. Each issue, e-book alerts are e-mailed to subscribers and are also available on our website 24/7. The GTF e-book format offer many useful features, including quick page and article search plus the ability to zoom-in and out. E-books are a dynamic format and companies can sponsor entire online issues or sections within e-book issues.

E-book ads can be hyperlinked and animated, plus monitoring can be set-up to track hits on them.

GTF e-book main sponsorship (per e-issue): £2,000 GBP / €2,300 Euros / $4,500 USD

GTF e-book section sponsorship (per e-issue): £1,500 GBP / €1,800 Euros / $2,100 USD

Please contact us for details on all your online / digital requirements:

Simon Barker – Director of Sales

Tel: +44 (0)1403 230 700  E-mail: